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The Social Enterprise Institute - USA (SEI)

The Social Enterprise Institute - USA (SEI), a university-based non-profit incubator, engaged Cre8tive Logic to develop a brand image more representative of its global reach and stewardship in addressing social problems through business. The SEI, along with its development programs at Institutions of higher education, incorporates the broad scope of services and resources it has to offer with the goal of launching social enterprises, assisting in their development, measuring social impact, and raising and supporting funding for their growth.

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Pour n’ Plug® by Pro Guard Coatings™

Pro Guard Coatings™ approached the Cre8tive Logic team with a major project related to one of their EPDM synthetic rubber products. The product, aptly named Pour n’ Plug®, is used primarily as a quick sealant to plug holes in rubber surfaces, like rubber roofs. The product, however, is extremely versatile, and can be used as an effective sealant in a myriad of applications, somewhat comparable to the product’s chief competitor, Flex Seal.

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Trola Industries

Trola Industries approached us about creating a new image in the marketplace. The landscape in their industry had shifted, and it was time for the company to address this strategically and better position itself in a rapidly changing environment.

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Admiral SpaceMaker

Admiral Spacemaker™ is a revolutionary patented deck product. The product is a deck board that seals together to create a waterproof under deck ceiling. Spacemaker™ truly fills a need in the marketplace.

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Spring City

Spring City is an american outdoor light manufacturer specializing in new LED technology that dramatically increases light output while decreasing maintenance and energy costs. After several rounds of internal and field testing against multi-national competitors, Spring City’s LED technology was selected for NYC’s Central Park relighting project—the first LED project in the world of this size, magnitude, and prestige.

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Castleberry’s Food Company opened its doors in 1920 and for close to 90 years enjoyed continued growth in both product line and brand recognition. Throughout the years, Castleberry’s held the number one category position in many southeastern and central states. In 2007, botulism was traced back to the Augusta, GA plant. Soon after the brand was acquired by our client.

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Some package designs are intended to protect a product. Others are intended to catch the eye of consumers. Some are intended to provide information about the product and some packages are required to do all three.

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