The Social Enterprise Institute - USA (SEI), a university-based non-profit incubator, engaged Cre8tive Logic to develop a brand image more representative of its global reach and stewardship in addressing social problems through business.

The SEI, along with its development programs at Institutions of higher education, incorporates the broad scope of services and resources it has to offer with the goal of launching social enterprises, assisting in their development, measuring social impact, and raising and supporting funding for their growth.

The SEI had grown tremendously from its initial founding in 2010, and its seminal partner and host institution, Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA, recognized the need to release its proprietorship over the organization in order to allow it to expand its unique services to other institutions of higher education. SEI leadership approached Cre8tive Logic with the task of creating an image that not only loosed it from the perception of being an Elizabethtown College-owned program and into a more universal organization, but also communicated the organization’s broad and indeed global reach.

With the design team challenged to create an image that could represent the organization’s mission of facilitating positive social impact, as well as incorporating its many verticals (Social Enterprise Group, Social Enterprise Foundation, Social Enterprise Program, etc.), a new logo was required. Meanwhile, the communications team set to work on developing a comprehensive set of program-specific literature (both print and digital).

The legacy logo for SEI portrayed more of a knot-like design, an image that only served to communicate complexity and confusion. The Cre8tive Logic design team elected to pair elements of the “knot”, but create an earth-like look, while incorporating the visual effect of growth and forward movement using peaks and valleys. Integrated within the new logo are also colors indicative of social impact throughout the world (blue and green).

The communications team’s development of program-specific SEI literature included a tri-fold flyer – basically a leave-behind piece giving a brief overview of SEI. The team also created a series of project profiles, highlighting successful projects and partnerships. Finally, Cre8tive Logic produced a rather comprehensive 4-page brochure, meant to tell a more complete story of SEI and its programs and services.

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