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Castleberry’s Food Company opened its doors in 1920 and for close to 90 years enjoyed continued growth in both product line and brand recognition. Throughout the years, Castleberry’s held the number one category position in many southeastern and central states. In 2007, botulism was traced back to the Augusta, GA plant. Soon after the brand was acquired by our client.

After maintaining the Castleberry’s brand for several years, sales never bottomed, but continued a downward trend. Many consumers stopped purchasing the product, but after five years they forgot why. The botulism outbreak, the primary reason for their decline in patronization, was mostly forgotten. Retail buyers felt comfortable with the product due to the new manufacturing facility and the reputation of quality that the new brand owners enjoyed. But they needed some convincing that the public would once again buy the brand. All the current indicators and data suggested they would not.

Cre8tive Logic developed a multi-pronged approach which began with a redesign of the packaging. We drew inspiration of the golden growth years of the brand. Our approach combined a clean white top which differentiates the brand from all the competitors, allowing for exposed shelf presence. Our design utilized foil in the product descriptor badge to pull consumers eyes first to the brand then to the product shot. Once the packaging was designed we overhauled the website. By giving it a simple yet functional design, we also built-in e-commerce functionality, which linked directly to the factory store for fulfillment. We employed a geotargeted electronic coupon campaign to drive product sales within current retailers who carry the brand. The initial campaign drove a redemption rate of over 15% at a fraction of the cost of a traditional FSI. The Castleberry’s brand immediately began to notice a reversal in downward sales trends. That data allowed the sales force to convince retail buyers that consumers would once again back the brand.

Castleberry Packaging and Website Design
Castleberry Packaging and Website Design
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