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Since its founding in 1987, the Murus Company, based in Mansfield, PA, has produced Structural Insulated Panels, also referred to as SIPs, and nothing else. By continually innovating and focusing on product and process improvements, Murus maintains the highest level of quality possible. Murus was founded solely to research, develop and manufacture the highest-performing structural insulated panels available.

The leadership team at Murus was charged with implementing an aggressive growth-oriented strategy aimed at significantly driving revenue and expanding the company’s geographic reach.Ownership noted the trend for green or Net Zero building design and construction as a growth opportunity to be exploited, and one that fit the energy-saving impact offered by making use of SIP technology in building projects. Murus reached out to Cre8tive Logic, given the marketing firm’s solid reputation in the building products industry, for consultation in not only developing a growth strategy, but implementing the associated tactics to drive brand awareness leads, and sales.

Following a deep dive into the company, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, its product portfolio, internal culture, history and customer base, this initial discovery phase of the engagement with Cre8tive Logic led to the development of a custom BPM (building products manufacturer) marketing program.

Here the Cre8tive Logic team mapped out a series of sequential elements aimed at building Murus’ product and brand awareness throughout various geographies and among the valuable architect community. It was determined that Murus was not well known among the architect community. While they have enjoyed relationships with specific architects around the country, Murus SIPs were by and large not top-of-mind among specifiers even in the lucrative mid-Atlantic region. Cre8tive Logic initiated the Murus marketing program by targeting architectural firms specifically in the mid-Atlantic states (including New Jersey and West Virginia). The designers quickly worked to develop an electronic (single-page) “sell sheet” to introduce Murus and its SIP products. Concurrently, team members commenced an architect calling campaign, in which approximately 4,300 architect firms were called on behalf of Murus with the goal of reaching the appropriate associate or partner within each entity to 1). Introduce Murus products and 2). Obtain the target individual’s email address. Following each successful phone conversation, a follow-up email of introduction, including the Murus “sell sheet”, was subsequently sent to each architect with whom a phone conversation had been originated.

Given a history of prior calling campaigns for various clients, Cre8tive Logic had set a goal of obtaining architect email addresses at a rate of 10%. In other words, of the approximately 4,300 architects to call, it was expected that the campaign would produce 430 valid email addresses of targeted architects. The Murus sales and leadership teams were pleasantly surprised when the calling campaign actually produced an 18% return rate, almost doubling the amount of collected email addresses that were originally projected as a measure of success.

One of the primary reasons to collect specifier email addresses is to not only initiate a “conversation” to introduce brands and products, but more importantly to continue the conversation in order to move Murus SIPs from relative obscurity to top of mind. Research and evidence show that when specifiers (architects) are familiar with a product, they are more inclined to include, and indeed specify the product into building plans.

Following the calling campaign, Cre8tive Logic produced a media plan for Murus. Each quarter, Murus receives an update to the plan, which includes topics and content, social media posts and schedules, and monthly email blasts Cre8tive Logic produced a monthly series of project-focused case studies, highlighting the use of various Murus SIP products. These project highlights were then emailed to the architect list on a monthly basis in order to position Murus as the knowledge expert and solutions provider relative to SIP products and technology. Each highlight was also posted to the Murus social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Business).

Although electronic programming, such as frequent email blasts and social media posts are effective in reaching and influencing architects, Cre8ive Logic augmented this Murus programming with direct mail. So while direct email was efficient at reaching nearly 800 of the 4,300 mid-Atlantic architect firms, direct mail could reach the architects in aggregate. In collaboration with the Murus sales team, Cre8tive Logic produced a series of postcards, each designed to introduce a different Murus SIP product, along with unique attributes and use cases. So, in addition to regular and frequent electronic programming, including social media posts, the targeted architects received a physical mail piece from Murus every other month.

Murus Sell Sheey
Murus Sell Sheet
Murus Email Blasts
Murus Email Blasts
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Murus Email Blasts
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Murus Social Media Management
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