Pro Guard Coatings

Pro Guard Coatings™ approached the Cre8tive Logic team with a major project related to one of their EPDM synthetic rubber products. The product, aptly named Pour n’ Plug®, is used primarily as a quick sealant to plug holes in rubber surfaces, like rubber roofs. The product, however, is extremely versatile, and can be used as an effective sealant in a myriad of applications, somewhat comparable to the product’s chief competitor, Flex Seal. Prior to its engagement with Cre8tive Logic, Pro Guard recognized the incredible asset they had developed in the flexibility of this Pour n’ Plug® product, but leadership was unable to capitalize on penetrating other markets beyond the recreational vehicle (RV) sector – an industry segment in which many of Pro Guard’s products are well entrenched. The executive team at Pro Guard Coatings reached out to Cre8tive Logic to not only assess the viability of certain potential new verticals, but develop a plan and program to both penetrate and capture market share within these additional segments.

During the discovery phase of the project, our team learned that the Pour n’ Plug® product actually cures most effectively in a moisture-laden environment. In fact, the product is so powerful, it can immediately cure and plug a hole even in standing water. Given its flexibility and ability to seal holes or cracks in even the harshest environments, the team at Cre8tive Logic immediately recognized the Pour n’ Plug® product as a viable consumer play. But beyond the RV market, the product had no name recognition, and it lacked the necessary imagery and packaging required for both on-line and on-the-shelf presentation.

Cre8tive Logic developed a program for Pro Guard with the purpose of specifically introducing consumers to its Pour n’ Plug® leak-stopping product. The creative team began working on a consumer-oriented logo development initiative and product packaging, while the web design shop created a mini-website specific to Pour n’ Plug®. Finally, in anticipation for launching the product on, Cre8tive Logic both developed and deployed a quarterly social media plan as well as a digital advertising campaign specific to Google and Facebook ads.

The Results? The Pour n’ Plug® product was successfully launched on Amazon. Pro Guard now enjoys a level of incremental revenue from beyond the obscure RV segment and into the valuable consumer products sector. Cre8tive Logic developed the packaging, the messaging and the on-line assets to facilitate a move even further into the consumer category. Perhaps the next step for Pro Guard is an exciting launch into big box hardware like Home Depot and Lowes.

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