Admiral SpaceMaker™

Admiral Spacemaker™ is a revolutionary patented deck product. The product is a deck board that seals together to create a waterproof under deck ceiling. Spacemaker™ truly fills a need in the marketplace.

Spacemaker™ is priced significantly higher per square foot when compared to other composite deck boards, yet less expensive when compared to other composite deck boards, under deck ceiling systems, and the extra labor associated with the under deck ceiling systems. As distribution grew it became evident that traditional advertising was not enough to create excitement, awareness, and educate the market on the significant differentiation.

Cre8tive Logic implemented a lead nurture program designed to market Spacemaker™ through a series of drip communications.

The first step was to isolate specific target markets geographically and segment the market further by profession within the building industry. The program was also split geographically according to distribution support. Since the product characteristics needed to outweigh project budgetary constraints, and installation methods varied from traditional methods, Cre8tive Logic believed the best targets would be architects. The Spacemaker™ lead nurture program kicked off with a direct mailer postcard to New England to support Coastal Distribution, a regional distributor. Simultaneously, a targeted Spacemaker™ one-week Facebook campaign was developed and implemented to reinforce the direct mailer messaging.

A telemarketing campaign started one week following the Facebook campaign, with the sole purpose of gathering emails from architects and subsequently forward an information product sheet. After initial phone contact and email, the architects were then put into an ongoing database for a monthly Spacemaker™ newsletter. Sample Kits were designed and printed specifically for both architects and installers to use as a selling tool. During the lead nurture program, Cre8tive Logic used the sample kits to further trickle information to architects that wanted more information or who requested samples. Additionally, the sample kit was used as a call to action in one of the direct email blasts. Spacemaker required an educational sales and marketing approach. This resulted in a coordinated effort to host bi-weekly webinars. This allowed mass one-to-one interaction as well as providing specific targets for sales follow-up.

The Admiral Spacemaker™ lead nurture program has been an ongoing effort for the past 18 months. It has resulted in specific architect specified projects that can be attributed to the program Cre8tive Logic designed. The program has been used as a selling tool for the company to bring on additional distributors.

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