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Some package designs are intended to protect a product. Others are intended to catch the eye of consumers. Some are intended to provide information about the product and some packages are required to do all three. Streamlight’s Siege lantern packaging requirements were simple:
1) all of the appropriate information must be shown.
2) it should be able to attract the eye of consumers.
3) the product itself must be able to be picked up and used by consumers, in store (no full product packaging).

By following Streamlight’s requirements for this specific package, we came to the conclusion a custom label would be the best solution. By extending the traditional wrap-around label, we were able to fit all the necessary information on the label and maintain design aesthetics while still showing enough of the product to please Streamlight.

In addition to packaging the Siege lantern, Streamlight also commissioned Cre8tive Logic to develop an advertisement to promote this specific product. The Siege lantern target market was in the camping/outdoor community, so we developed a corresponding print ad to showcase the product, and inform the marketplace that Streamlight was targeting as well.

Streamlight Print Ad
Streamlight Print Ad
Streamlight Packaging
Streamlight Packaging
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