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Product Rebrand & Launch

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2014 - 2018

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Trola Industries approached us about creating a new image in the marketplace. The landscape in their industry had shifted, and it was time for the company to address this strategically and better position itself in a rapidly changing environment. One of the first things we recommend to a client requesting a rebranding initiative is a simple period of discovery which includes a SWOT. In essence, it’s a situational analysis. We assess the competitive landscape, the attributes of key customers and suppliers, external messaging and perceptions, and we take an in-depth look at the company internally – both from a planning and operating standpoint.

With so much in automation, data analysis and even control systems moving to more of a cloud-based infrastructure, Trola found themselves in the middle of a comprehensive market shift. The need for rugged, high-grade control panels was waning and a surge in the need for the design and programming of automation systems was evident.

Through the SWOT analysis we discovered Trola was very deep, and in-fact quite well recognized for programming and developing automation, control and reporting systems. In spite of the reduction in manufacturing/producing control panels, we saw the opportunity to position the company as a provider, SME and leader in automating manufacturing environments of the 21st century.

Trola was poised to pivot, but this would require repositioning and driving awareness throughout the market that the company was the go-to provider for custom manufacturing automation systems. A comprehensive communications plan was needed – all communications and every interaction with the market and current/prospective clients needed to readily indicate that the company’s expertise resided in the automation systems design space. From a tactical standpoint we immediately began a comprehensive redesign or complete remake of the following crucial pieces:

  • - New logo and style guide
  • - New, far more interactive website
  • - Sales and service van wraps
  • - Building signage
  • - Letterhead redesign
  • - Frequent White Paper publication
  • - Frequent social media posting
  • - Trade show booth/banners/graphics redesign

RESULTS: It has been a successful repositioning and the client is now well steeped in the design/development of automations systems. The company has successfully made the perceptional shift from being a manufacturer and supplier of hardware devices to a significant player in providing software and data services.

Trola Business Cards
Trola Business Cards
Trola Logo Design
Trola Logo Design
Trola Vehicle Wrap
Trola Vehicle Wrap
Trola Website
Trola Website
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