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12-Month Architect
Outreach Campaign

Cre8tive Logic helps BPM clients quickly build product awareness in the architectural community by developing a proven strategic touch-point system that introduces and reinforces brand and product attributes to the people that matter most, the specifiers.

We develop a custom-designed mix of proven tactics that actively and passively introduces, educates, and enhances relationships with architects

We developed a custom-designed mix of proven tactics that actively and passively introduces, educates, and enhances relationships with architects

Unlike many other manufactures the path to closing is not always clear and typically filled with multiple hurdles to overcome. Cre8tive Logic understands the hurdles and helps our BPM clients to develop strategies to overcome them. Whether it’s building architect awareness or contractor acceptance, we can develop specific solutions to ensure success.

As a Building Products Manufacturer, you have enough worries just taking your products to market or making sure your existing products remain relevant and continue to generate sales. So, how can Cre8tive Logic help drive long-lasting relationships with architects, given that your reps can’t or won’t focus on this valuable conduit to the market? We nurture them. Not with traditional marketing alone, but rather using a custom-designed mix of proven tactics that actively and passively introduces, educates, and enhances relationships with architects. We instill in them knowledge and familiarity with your products, so when the appropriate project hits their firm, you can be sure that this “top-of-mind” strategy leads to specifying your products instead of the competition.

12 Month Campaign

Calling Campaign Phase
3 Months

1. We work closely with you to target geographic territory(s) that fall within your strategic 12 month goal.

2. We individually call each architectural firm to introduce your product. Our goal is to collect information for the appropriate contact person(s) to whom we email relevant company / product information.

3. An individual personal email is sent to introduce your company, along with a PDF product sell-sheet.

Architect Target Zones

Email Campaign Phase
9 Months (9 Emails)

Concurrently and continuing after the completion of the calling campaign, Cre8tive Logic produces monthly direct emails to the appropriate contact(s) at each firm.

Direct Mail Phase
9 Months (5 Direct Pieces)

In conjunction with monthly email campaigns, Cre8tive Logic creates and sends bi-monthly direct mail pieces.

Why Our Campagin Works

The system creates over 16 distinct touchpoints throughout the year.

More efficient and cost effective than employing internal sales representatives to canvas and cold-call.

Creates a vetted, current list of architects in specific geographic areas.

The added phone call and personalized email yields higher open rates, leading to even more successful campaigns in the future.

Ensures messaging and product attributes are reaching the specific person in architectural firms responsible for gathering, organizing and disseminating product information.

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Brands We Work With.

Please note this is only a sample of some of the clients we have worked with over the years. If you are interested in examples of our work, check out our portfolio.

Americana by Bingaman
Murus SIPs
APM Building Materials
Everlast Metals
Spring City Electrical
SpaceMaker Flooring
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