Results can be packed in a box, studied in a box, or even referenced in a box, but they can never be found in a box or even hanging around outside the box.

Results are black & white, but producing results takes a splash of color.

Results are black & white, but producing results takes a splash of color.

Results are found in circular motion, consistently changing with the tides but interconnected as one evolving thought. The path to results is a circular orchestra where the instruments stay the same but the notes vary. The path is as mathematical as the colors on the color wheel, which can be combined to create works of art that evoke emotion. Results are found through creative logic. Creativity is the ability to look at a blank canvas and see possibilities. When that kind of vision is guided by logic, it produces direction and achievable goals, and the most productive means to realizing results. When strong creativity and smart logic merge, a new thought process emerges. It’s from this philosophy that Cre8tive Logic was founded. Approach to Branding & Marketing Cre8tive Logic’s approach to branding starts with finding the voice of the brand. This process begins via collaboration with the brand owners to develop what the brand stands for to them.

We define the goals they want the brand to achieve from a short and long term perspective.

We define the goals they want the brand to achieve from a short and long term perspective.

Once direction is established, research begins to understand the composition of the brand audience. Our job as brand developers is to find the brand’s voice that effectively speaks from the brand owners to the brand audience. As marketers, we distinguish which channels of communication are best utilized to not only achieve success, but do so with the highest ROI probability, no matter the budget. We develop brand narratives for achieving short-term success that allows a foundation to be built for stable long-term brand marketing executions.

Creative Logic understands the game at retail. From developing a product brand narrative, convincing retailers to stick it on the shelf, to meeting the retailers turn expectations, the road to success is laden with potholes. Cre8tive Logic understands the challenges and can help develop strategies to navigate them.

Marketing & Communication Tactics
Please keep in mind these tactics are elements within a larger strategic framework and are designed to fit your unique needs and goals.

Cre8tive Logic Website Design

Website Design

Cre8tive Logic Package Design

Package Design

Cre8tive Logic Social Media

Social Media Management

Cre8tive Logic Tradeshow Support

Tradeshow Support

Cre8tive Logic Sell Sheets

Sell Sheets

Cre8tive Logic In-Store Promotion

In-Store Promotion

Cre8tive Logic Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Cre8tive Logic Print Ad

Traditional Advertising

Brands We Work With.

Please note this is only a sample of some of the clients we have worked with over the years. If you are interested in examples of our work, check out our portfolio.

Jaindl Family Turkey Farms
Kokie Cosmetics
Wolfgang Confectioners
Hanover Foods
Myers Foods
Farmer's Fair
Pro Guard Coatings
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